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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
He's believes in the Constitution. Yah, he may be a little crazy (or a lot. Arguable!) but then so am I. I really would liked to have seen what happened with him as president. God knows it couldn't be any worse that what's going on right now.
I would like to see how a President with no one in Congress could change domestic policies. He would only have "Executive Orders" which is what Obama is abusing.

I would like to see someone like him WITH ENOUGH SUPPORT on the Hill to get things done. But I am afraid that looking to the highest office in the Federal Government to cure the problem of a Federal Government that is too big is a bit like wiping your tail on a hoop.

In a way it is either oxymoronic or ironic (depending on how it is said) to look for one person to solve the problem of a centralized Federal Government. It's kind of like hoping a new bartender can help you stop drinking.

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