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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Face Facts.

Paul's domestic policy was attractive BUT much like all of Obama's Fundamental Restructuring could not work without the support of a party in Congress. Paul doesn't have a party in Congress, ergo, because of the limits established for the POTUS by the Founders, he would be impotent.

His foreign policy was was his weakest point. In short most Americans viewed it as nuts, yet because of the structure of the Government, it was the part a POTUS could have the most effect on by himself.

We were therefore guaranteed that he could do the worst part, and highly doubtful that he could do the good part.

That doesn't take into account the fact that, even with the promise of legalized weed (which he actually couldn't do by himself), he couldn't draw enough votes to make a blip on the radar. If he was truly "running in the Republican primary" and his voter pull was so low, how was he going to draw enough from the Dems to get elected? If he could do that then why wasn't he running against Obama in the Dem primary?

Give it up folks. you are just embarrasing the libertarians and making it harder on those who might want to run for other important offices.
He's believes in the Constitution. Yah, he may be a little crazy (or a lot. Arguable!) but then so am I. I really would liked to have seen what happened with him as president. God knows it couldn't be any worse that what's going on right now.

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