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Glock 27 failure to feed and one hang fire

First this is a slightly used 27 with the OD frame I bought on gunbroker last week. I took it out to the range for the first time today. I shot about 100 rounds through her and all was well, one magazine I fired went well, or so i thought, slide locked back, and I thought I was out but when I went to change the Mag I saw brass down the gun. I thought it was a jam and pulled he slide to extract. Instead she closed on me and I fired the round.

These are FMJ federals with the flat nose and I googled this and it seems some people are having this issue with the flat nose 40s?

The other problem with the dimpled primer may have been a bad primer, maybe the ammo's fault, but I find it curious that it was when I topped off the gun. I loaded 9, racked the slide extracted the mag, and loaded another round in the mag and slammed my mag home. I went to fire and CLICK. I racked the slide, round fell out, and I didn't touch it until I fired my mag and picked it up, primer had been hit. I probably should have waited to see if it was a hang fire, but I'm still new at this.

Any suggestions? Losing a little faith in glock since the G30 extraction problems and now this with a new to me 27.

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