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Originally Posted by Brasso View Post
You are so far off in what you believe that it's really not evenworth the effort anymore to try and convince you with plain, black and white scripture. If you don't believe Moses, why would you believe Christ. It's you who are the Pharisee.

You are in good company though. There even seem to be some atheists that agree with your faithless faith.
If you (and I allow for this possibility, however remote it appears) are a regenerated believer, why are you so damn hostile? That is NOT Christian. Muscogee called me proud and arrogant because I asserted historically orthodox positions, but I didn't attack people. This ^ is personal.

Tabernacles will be kept eternally, and Jesus is the eternal 'Firstfruits' from the dead. None of this means we should be keeping the feasts as an expression of our redemption. There is no need to keep/observe Passover -- or Atonement -- ever again. The True blood that cleanses has been spilled, and accepted. If you want to be literal, and go back to goat's blood for Atonement, good luck with your salvation. The Bible couldn't be any more clear about the temporary nature of the Feasts as teaching moments. You seem to be advocating a legalist position, much like the Judaizers whose clock Paul cleaned in book after book.

I'm all for free expression of religion, but I do take exception to corruptions of Christianity. So far, your attitude isn't commending your doctrine in a way that would make me believe you got your hands on the last piece of truth.
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