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My OLD moment came when a Surgical nurse was prepping me for a minor surgery.
As she was setting up to insert an IV,she asked me about the scar on my arm.
I told her that was long ago when i used to build race cars and got cut by a piece of sheet metal I was installing.
She said "Oh, you might know my Brothers,they used to race too".
She mentioned the names,and yes ,I knew them very well.
THEN I remembered HER!
I asked "Do you remember me?"
She says "No"
I say "That's good,that means I'll get up after the surgery is done"
She asked "Why is that?"
I told her"Because when you were a little girl,we gave you SUCH a bad time when you were hanging out in your brothers garage with us,and we did all sorts of cruel jokes to you."
She thought a while as she got the IV into me,then,smiling at me,she said "Now I remember you,You were so bad in those days,but you always bought me ice cream at the racetrack and I really looked foward to that on race days!

I woke up in recovery alive and intact,she was there and we laughed about the old days!

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