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yes, the Ruger .357 recoil was on par with what I observed with my old Ruger SP101
Snubbies and hot Double Tap , Remington and Speer 125 and 158s.

pretty much goes straight up, until you pull it down.
Like this pic with it just starting to rise:
Caliber Corner
My G33 recoiled like most Glock. 357s and even the M&P Compact,
and in line with that you see in the video.

His erratic readings from 1.400 down to 1,100 or so is one reason why
I sold my chrono.

Also another reason to dispute my chrono results.

Plenty other people will chrono the exact same load(s) and get different

I'd really rather get up close and nasty with the targets and tell people how
each load recoils and what accuracy, ect.

Have some fun at it.

threads like this one make we want to load up a few boxes and go create
loud BANGs with the awesome .357 SIG!
Caliber Corner
We kind of feel bad when everyone else clears out of the range, but they could
buy a Glock .357 or other gun and join in the fun!

I've been a fan of the concept and cartridge since first reading about it
in an old Mas Ayoob Complete Book Of Handguns issue, where he talked
of depts getting instant stops with sometimes non vital hits.

That trend continues today, esp. as more CCW holders and individual officers
buy the guns.

I think the reason for the high cost is ammo is that there is
little demand for it (presently) in comparison to other auto
calibers.. If more people get into it, the demand might bring
the price down.

Let your intrigue... turn into infatuation: .357 SIG!
Caliber Corner
Go Red Sox!

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