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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Oh but you miss details deliberately. The "gun Banning" myth has been debunked and, at best, all you can do is spin it to Romney still being better than Obama.

Romney made a very good point, and he has never waivered from it from the beginning, last night. He wants the individual States to work out health care systems to suit the people. (you know, kind of a "State's Rights" position). That is what he approved in Mass. Go back and listen to the debate again, you missed him explaining that.

It makes perfect sense. Being a believer in the free enterprise system, allowing the States to choose their method is entirely sensible. Some States will go with a winning idea, some won't. those that don't can copy from the success. Like the free enterprise system it engenders a competition of sorts to come up with a workable system rather than the Federal Government trying to slap a "one size fits all" solution to 50 States. The odds are against the Fed being successful. If a Federal solution fails EVERYBODY loses.
You've been fed a bunch of bunk by acujeff.
Romney said that he wants to install socialized medicine through the states. Romney's idea is big government directed onto the states which is a far cry from states rights under the 10th Amendment. Nice try at spinning it though. He has also said that he would end obamacare, then he has said that he will keep parts of it, never mind all that though, he gave a good speech and you got a tingle up your leg.
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