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Originally Posted by unclebob View Post
Not speaking for Kitty. But people load for different reasons. So called bunny fart loads for competition that do not have a PF. Iím in that category. Some people load in the middle or just above. And others load as close to or at max as they can...
Although GSSF doesn't have a PF requirement, I wanted one single (9 mil) load for GSSF, IDPA, and Steel. The 320 load I use has a PF of ~130 to satisfy IDPA requirements and is a wonderfully soft-shooter in every stock Glock I own. (which is all of Glock's 9 mils).

I also think that the top two powders for this requirement are TG and 320 - both rather high in the burn rate table, and both having a limited load range and both somewhat susceptible to user error.
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