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That's true to a point. Third parties siphon more from one side than the other. For example, all thing being equal, a libertarian candidate will siphon more votes from a republican candidate than the dems. A Greenparty candidate will siphon more votes from a democrat candidate than a republican. Again, all things being equal.
This changes from election to election but third parties affect both parties. My gf is a registered Dem that voted for O in 2008, but she will be voting Green Party this election. Anecdotal but goes to show that neither candidate is immune from losing votes to third parties, particularly this election, with such high anti-establishment sentiment going around.

He made a bunch of strange faces and misspoke several times on several different topics.
Strange faces and occasional misspeaking? He and his positions should be ignored in favor of the guy with good hair and scripted lines. Though Im pretty sure you are an example of the mindset of the typical voter.
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