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Originally Posted by wjv View Post
And in those 4 year Obama can inflict some permanent, if not fatal wound to this country by:

- appointing liberal judges
- killing entire industries such as coal
- making sure O-Care isn't abolished
- setting polices that make us more dependent on foreign oil
- bring the national debt to $20T (O's own predicted number)
- allowing agencies such as the EPA, DoE, DoEd from establishing more business killing, growth killing, education killing policies.
- killing the value of the dollar
- continued mis-handling of middle-east policies

Hell, what's 4 more years. .
This is assuming one thinks Romney's policies will ultimately be any better on such issues. I do not and that opinion is based on his record and extreme flip-flopping.

4 more years could be the difference between this country living or dying.
Meh. Same was said in 2008 as why to vote for McCain. Im watching a slow death spiral that's mostly unrelated to which puppet-in-chief gets elected on Nov 6.

I'm not willing to take THAT CHANCE!
That's fine. I think America has more resilience than that though.

Romney will be answerable to the conservative base. . Who will Obama be answerable to?
Just like Bush was answerable to the conservate base when he signed Medicare-D, No Child Left Behind, debt ceiling increases, Bill of Rights destroying legislation, etc? That "answerable" argument doesn't ring true to me since I've seen how the president himself can get his base to just follow his bad decisions by wrapping them up in patriotic garb and buzzwords like "compassionate".

I see the Republican party as being the foil to Obama getting too squirrely in the next 4 years. We will counter him much harder than his own party will. This is basic politics.
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