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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Obama is only guaranteed 4 more years if elected.
And in those 4 year Obama can inflict some permanent, if not fatal wound to this country by:

- appointing liberal judges
- killing entire industries such as coal
- making sure O-Care isn't abolished
- setting polices that make us more dependent on foreign oil
- bring the national debt to $20T (O's own predicted number)
- allowing agencies such as the EPA, DoE, DoEd from establishing more business killing, growth killing, education killing policies.
- killing the value of the dollar
- continued mis-handling of middle-east policies

Hell, what's 4 more years. .

4 more years could be the difference between this country living or dying.

I'm not willing to take THAT CHANCE!

Romney will be answerable to the conservative base. . Who will Obama be answerable to?
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