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Not speaking for Kitty. But people load for different reasons. So called bunny fart loads for competition that do not have a PF. Iím in that category. Some people load in the middle or just above. And others load as close to or at max as they can. After doing a lot of testing with different powders using 135 and 147gr X-Treme plated bullets. TiteGroup and VV N320 for what I have been able to find works the best for my application. Accuracy, perceived recoil, and speed of the slide. With the same load that will work in 6 different Glocks.
Granted TiteGroup is probably not the best powder for a new reloader and probably some more experienced reloaders. But if you use it as intended light to light medium loads. It works great. If you get stupid with it or any other powder that it is not designed for and Blow up a gun itís the reloaders fault and not the powder. For me and others that I know, It has worked great. If VV N320 was not so hard to find and in stock and did not cost so much. I would probably going back to using it.
Also TiteGroup is the powder that is being used by me and the 4 other people I travel and shoot GSSF matches with. Only one has blown up a gun and it was not loaded with TiteGroup.
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