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Originally Posted by Chris Chris View Post
Gun gripped in hand, and tucked out of view, is the far wiser course..... unless the 'occupant' who approached his passenger side provided a reason for him to point the gun in a "Back The Hell Off!" statement.

I've been there twice. I didn't have to shoot, thankfully! But, the individual looking down the .38 caliber muzzle decided he didn't need to complete his actions either. That's a very good SD use of a handgun.

One went unreported and unnoticed, except by the two participants on a very dark rural road in the wee hours.

The other cost me $3000 in lawyer fees, but got me a "walk" . And the individual who did press the charges was later fired from their job... and is no longer employed in their chosen career.... because of the under oath statements they made in connection with that incident.

Just because you wind up with a gun pointed at you does not give you license to lie under oath.

I'm wondering what the 'occupant' who approached/charged? ...the vehicle would say under oath?

We may find out later.

You were lucky, that behavior doesnt work out so well in non-Gun friendly states.
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