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Need help with request from a client

I have a client that is a roofer. Apparently he saw some other company in his industry using a tablet to fill out forms, take pictures and then "automatically sync it with the home office". So of course he wants to rub the lamp and have me snap my fingers and just create this.

I know they were using a tablet of some sort, but my inclination is they were using a custom designed app that could attach photos to a single file and then upload it using a 3G connection to the cloud somewhere. I asked him why don't you call company X and find out what they use but he doesn't want to do that for some reason.

So what are my options here? Can this be accomplisehd with something a simple as a Samsung Galaxy tablet with an Adobe fillable form and dropbox? Or is there a ridiculously expensive company out there that sells customizable service software?

I may sound a little cyncial but I have been pushing this guy to replace his again 2003 SBS server for almost a year now and he thinks it is took expensive, so I'm not real confident that he will be all that serious once the cost of doing this is fully known.
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