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Originally Posted by Mattz View Post
Hrmm.. I don't think 15 MPG in a Tahoe is too bad for police duties... considering the Crown Vic gets similar, or worse, and it's a car.
Originally Posted by nikerret View Post
The gas mileage is terrible. On the Interstate on the way to an out of town funeral, with all cruise control and low RPM driving, I only got 14.7 MPG.

The best MPG's I ever got was a little over 15. I filled up, drove 20 miles as easily as I could and refilled; completely impractical.

I average around 11-13 as long as I keep WOT down to less than two miles or five stop signs. Any lights and sirens runs means I get less than 10 MPG. I had to do an accross county run (about 40 miles) and got around 7 MPG.

In the CVPI, getting 15-16 wasn't worth getting excited about (it happened several times). 13-14 was daily. The worst I would get was around 9-10 with a lot of hot runs. The Tahoe PPV can't touch the CVPI for fuel mileage.
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