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Originally Posted by Gundude View Post
Why, thanks for asking!

Off the top of my head:

"Damn, we sure screwed the pooch that time around. How on earth did we lose that? Next time, instead of worrying so much about which guy can beat the scary Democrat, and getting all bent out of shape over cries of impending doom, I'll think a little more about which guy would best work towards my vision of a freer, less government-centric country."
Wait. What!? You rabid Paul guys had been screaming about impending doom while wrapping yourselves in the flag.

Now you're lecturing me about a freer, less government centric country while you take self-righteous pride in supporting and voting for a Communist endorsed president!? OMG!!!

You can justify your vote all you want, but, you have no credibility.

Originally Posted by Gundude View Post
That's an acceptable second-place prize, provided their voters keep at it and don't chicken out like the Nader people did last time around. If the party who loses because of them knows they're going to lose again because of them, that party has to adjust to them in some way.
Nader's people didn't chicken out! They sued the DNC!

Originally Posted by Gundude View Post
No, it's not as good as winning, but it's better than having both parties ignore you equally.

What's critical though is that the voters keep at it every election. Succumbing to the fear-mongering that gets thrown their way is a very real risk.
Third Parties don't win.
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