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Originally Posted by Bushflyr View Post
Thanks, but no. Throwing parts at something without knowing the exact problem is the absolute last resort. Even if it does fix the problem I'll never know what it really was and won't learn anything.

Half the reason i built this from the ground up was that nothing commercial comes close for the price. The other half was to learn Linux better. Nothing like starting from scratch to force an education.
Cool .. I hear ya. I'm the same way and have done same thing as you.

What about the firmware on the router? Current? Are you on a beta and can you step it back to older version?

Do you have any other protocols or services running on router like DLNA or Bittorrent server (not familiar with the model you have ... but I know some of the newer one's have a lot of cool features)? Perhaps turn everything off besides basic DHCP and routing services temporarily if so.

Do you have an alternate router you can swap out temporarily so as to rule the Asus one out as the culprit (i.e., if same thing happens with a different router you can probably assume it is not the router)?

Lastly ... just one more stab at the NIC. I've burned a lot of time with semi-supported NICs on Linux servers. A 30 buck NIC can work wonders in preventing hair loss if it is the culprit. And ... if you want to "learn linux", unless you mean being a kernel hacker and contributing source code to "fix" support for your NIC ... then you might be better served, again, to throw another NIC in there and move on.

Anyhooo .... post back if you find the culprit/solution.

Oh ... can't hurt to swap out CAT cables incase something is flaky there.
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