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Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
After having the stainless media and thumblers tumbler, nothing else is close. Sure you need to de-prime before but drying is no big deal and the quality is amazing with clean primer pockets and brass.

I guess for the guys that reload really high volume it may not be their cup of tea but the difference in the brass is night and day compared to vibratory or ultrasonic. Do you need that? Well, I love sparkling brass.
Concur with same outstanding results (stainless media and Thumblers Tumbler). My very old metal base RCBS Mega Tumbler (Vibratory ) and my Thumblerís Tumbler (Vibratory ) have been relegated to super polishing duty with flitz and corn cob now when I just have to have mirror polished cases.
Replacement motors from Thumblerís can easily be adapted to salvage burned out tumblers of other brands.
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