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Originally Posted by janice6 View Post
On the face of it, if you are threatened enough to pull a loaded gun for self protection, why do you not call the police to protect yourself and justify the pointed weapon. (Brandishing)

Regardless of the person approaching his car, no evidence of an impending threat was presented by the gun wielding driver. I believe he knew he was driving like an ass, and the gun was for intimidation. I believe he fled because he knew he had no legal grounds for the gun and panic moved him.

Of course, I could be wrong.
The circumstances of your post are also a possibility. But, an individual approaching the passenger side of a vehicle is in the driver's "blind spot".

Looking out the passenger window from the driver's side presents a narrow view. It is very possible that the driver could not see the approaching person's hands and determine whether they had a weapon or not.

How fast did the the "occupant" exit the vehicle behind the 'gun puller'? What was their demeanor as they approached the passenger side? How big were they? Were they obviously angry (my guess, and it's only a guess, is yes... what calm, collected individual leaves their vehicle at a traffic light and 'casually' approaches the vehicle in front of them... on their blind side).

When the 'gun puller' displayed a gun... I agree that he should have called the police right then and there. But, has it been established that he had a cell phone that would allow him to do that? If he didn't have a phone, how would he call? A pay phone up the road? How many pay phones have any of us seen conveniently located lately?

It hasn't been established (just assumed by some) that the 'gun puller' did have a cell phone. We don't know if he did.

Much info is missing on this incident. We really don't know what actually happened. But, an individual suddenly charging your passenger door at a traffic light, might be considered to be reasonable fear of a car jacking or robbery. It's not normal behavior. But, until more data is released, we really don't know what actually happened.
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