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This is a cool .357 SIG thread, even if it's 2 years old.

People always say " All handguns are poor stoppers"

I say " Unless you are talking about . 357 SIG!".

It seems to me ( and I'm no expert) that it delivers so much energy to
the bad guy(s), that they can't control the demand of their body to shut down."

Rapid incapacity, and Lightning Bolt effect! dynamic stopping power!

No other cartridge acts like it at the muzzle, except for the lighter 10mms,
but not exactly the same. And 10mm is too powerful for MOST people
and not issue to many police in numbers like the .357 SIG.

I think if Texas DPS loved the .45 ACP so much, they wouldn't have adopted
the SIG caliber.

Same for other agencies that tested 9mm, 40, 45 and settled on .357 SIG.

I don't think it is a death ray, or a magic caliber, but it might be the most
controllable with the most power available.

Unlike a comparable light .40. The .357 SIG recoils far less with its Instant
muzzle blast and rapid push backwards.

All .40s and most 10mms are not fun for me to shoot. Not so with the SIG
round, at least for 30 rounds or so in each gun.

I also like the 147 gr. loads. Very mild on recoil/blast and super accurate!

Higher cost than most other Non Magnum ammo, and the misconception that
it's only a Hot 9mm, are factors that keep it from selling better.

Having an Impressive Stopping Power reputation, and lower recoil and laser like accuracy
over the .40 S&W are the reasons it seems to grow each day.

The ONLY reason I don't carry a CZ in .357 SIG is the fact that they don't offer
a RAMI in the caliber.
Caliber Corner

I really like this video that shows the advantage of .357 SIG
over a .357 Snubbie.

Go Red Sox!

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