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It was like watching the end of The Wizard of Oz.

You know...the part where the curtain was pulled back.

One thing is painfully obvious...and last night, it was out there for all to see. When Obama is away from his prompter and his throngs of adoring fans and entourage....he is a weak and bumbling, stumbling mess.

He is NOT the superhero that the left and big media made him out to be. Not even close.

I was actually surprised at how bad he was but how do you defend the economy of the past 3.5 years? How do you talk about job creation when you have never run a company or created any jobs on your own?

The mainstream media can spin this however they want but to any halfway sane being....that was a very poor showing for the man they made out to be the savior and superman all rolled into one.

Our founders would be shooting by now!
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