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Raytech has motors built for them, & they are NOT friendly to deal with on the consumer level. They actually built the Lyman 2500 & 3200 series tumblers.
I have a 3200 that is currently setting, dead, as neither Raytech or Lyman has any interest in supplying a replacement motor.
Dillon isn't real good about it either, I have one of their older large (forget the model#) tumblers not running. They've changed suppliers over the years.
The main problem, is the fact that a motor made for a vibratory application is FAR different in bearings & construction, than a normal duty motor.
This I can state for FACT, as I work for the largest mfg'r. of vibratory equipment in the world....

While we build very large equipment, the theory is the same, & "normal" motors just don't cut it!
Everything we build has custom motors, to our own specs, to live in the applications .

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