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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Again, what I said still stands. Your entire state is run by 1 city and you're telling me how to vote. I'd think your time would be better spent convincing local voters.

And I'm not voting on "emotion", so if you want to talk about people putting words in other's mouths you should check yourself. I'm voting on who I think deserves the job. Nothing more, nothing less.
Thats a false argument. So, because I live in IL that has chicago, my opinion doesnt count? In case you didnt know, which judging by your responses its clear you dont know much, all of downstate does vote conservative. In fact 99 out of 102 counties went conservative in our last gubernatorial election. Is that "local" enough for ya? Once again, if you are too stupid to know what you are talking about, you should shut up before someone points out your stupidity.

Keep talking, you are almost as entertaining as Flipper that liberal lap dog.

I think that since you live in a state that will go Romney no matter what, you opinion doesnt count, therefore you cant tell anyone how to vote. You need to spend your time convincing local voters!
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