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Originally Posted by Dakota Shooter View Post
I would still take the "Universal sight pusher" for $59 delivered over that all day. It does "work properly" as you say, and does so at less than half the price.

As far as the Glock one goes, here's another (better) view from the same one shown on Midway, with a better description:

Glock Sight Pusher

Notice the less than steller reviews, especially with the set of Ameriglo sights I just installed perfectly with the $59 unit.

The part of the description that got me was where it actually says:
"Glock intends this for Glock factory sights only. Use of this on aftermarket sights may "chew up" sights"

Thanks, but no thanks...
Too much on that site.

It is designed for Glock factory sights or rear sights of a similiar profile. Mine has worked fine with Meprolight, Trijicon, and 24/7 Big Dot. Even on those no pusher may work if the sight is too big to start with. Some do require a few hits with a file to start properly. Not all sight cuts on all Glock slides are exactly the same.
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