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Originally Posted by FLIPPER 348 View Post
Then why did we invade Iraq when the threat was a 'clear and present danger' of WMDs??
That was Bush II's call to put boots on the ground there in '03. Were boots on the ground necessary in Iraq or not....? Whos's to say... but, that's a done deal and it's all said and done with now. We can't change that. We have Obama now and maybe again the next 4 years or maybe Romney. Military action against Iran's nuclear weapon development can be handled militarily without boots on the ground by either Romney or Obama. Even Obama & his administration have clearly conveyed that it won't accept Iran with a nuclear weapon. So it's not just Romney. It would be a Presidential decision no matter which one is in office. But, for the record, I hope it's Romney.
Here we go again.....
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