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The factory sight pusher is O.K. IF you are only planning on removing/replacing stock, factory plastic sights.
For any other application, a sturdier, heavier duty tool is a much better bet.
I have installed Meprolight night sights on a couple of Glocks using the factory tool.....
I've also dated a few ugly girls & drank some cheap beer in my life.
NONE of these are things I would prefer to do again.
For any serious work, I'd suggest the Meprolight sight press. It's expensive, but it will work on any known pistol slide except a Desert Eagle.
And I have changed sights on a D.E. but it takes time, a sturdy bench vise with padded jaws, a couple of brass drift punches (you WILL ruin a couple in the process) and a 2# hammer isn't overkill for this job !

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