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The last young guy to talk smack about me being old was my Marine son in law. I challenged him to put on some boxing gloves and join me in the back yard whenever he wants to call me old or make fun of sailors again. He still hasn't taken me up on that. When my kids call me old man I just tell them that I'll challenge them to a run or any type of physical fitness test and see who's old.

I'm 43 with a little grey hair and a grey goatee, and in the best shape of my life. In fact, this morning I noticed that I can just start to see the outline of my six pack abs. A year and a half ago I was fat, overstressed, and had daily back pain. Now the back pain is gone but the knees hurt, which is my reminder that I'm getting older.

I must be doing something right. I overheard my fiance talking to her best friend the other day and heard her friend say that her 19 year old daughter thinks I'm hot, and my fiance said that another friend's daughter said the same (both girls are beautiful!). My head got so big I almost fell over. It doesn't really matter except it made me feel good. Its not like I'm going to get a chance (or take that chance) to knock boots with the daughters of people I know.
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