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It's definitely cheaper but my process is pretty close to what I've read on preparing the real stuff.

Just using el cheapo Sterlite tubs I found at Home Depot. They are 6 qt, 13 5/8" x 8 1/4" x 4 7/8". (Now I'm using twice as much in larger tubs) Two of them fit my batch of gelatin (48oz dry) perfectly. I wiped the inside of the tubs with some vegetable oil and a paper towel so the gelatin would release easily (I discovered this isn't necessary, either).

When you first mix the gelatin, it's not really thoroughly mixed and there are small clumps and inconsistencies because the gelatin isn't fully hydrated. It takes some time for the water to completely soak in. It might work to go straight into the double boiler but the procedures I've read for real 10% ordnance gel have it sit for several hours in the fridge.

I do think the BBs either bounced back, as you say, or split the gelatin farther forward than they actually traveled. Nevertheless, I'm measuring from the leading edge of the BB.

The track would probably be more visible but then the dye would stay in when I remelted and the gel would gradually darken.

Recalibrated today and I'm dead on 3" again with a BB velocity of 595.9 fps. I'm going to remelt and add two cups of water. I'm going to shoot this SOB on Saturday, regardless of how it calibrates. I have more opportunities to fiddle with the mix than I do to get out and shoot. I think I'll hit it with a 165 gr Gold Dot at 1,302 fps first.

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