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I was in my mid 20's and an undergrad in college this was in the 80's and I carried my stuff around in a brief case. I found it easier to handle than a backpack. A student came up to my girlfriend at the time and wanted to know if she had taken any of my classes and was I a tough professor.

At 37 I pulled into the Long John Silvers drive through and placed my order, the girl gave me the total and I drove around to the window. She comes up to the window looks at me turns around and goes to the register makes a few entries and comes to the window. I have the correct amount ready to hand her and she says, oh it's changed honey I gave you your senior discount.

When I was 43 I walked into a pawn shops jewelry section with my little girl who was 9 or 10 at the time she wanted to go in there. One of the ladies starts chatting with us as my daughter is looking at ear rings and proceeds to ask my daughter if her grandpa is going to buy her some ear rings. I said she's my daughter. Oh, sorry dear.

I am 46 now and my youngest brother who is in his late 30's takes some clothes and other items to a local charitable organization for donation that I also donate to frequently and they ask him if he wants the forms to take for a charitable deduction and he says sure and they ask his name. He tells them his name and the lady responds oh we know your dad and give my name, he comes in here all the time with stuff. My brother just grins, accepts the tax info. and then proceeds out the door to laugh his butt off and then find me to aggravate.

For the record what hair I have left is nearly white at 46 and my nickname is Gramps...
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