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At a local bar/grill with a couple buddies a couple years back, and for whatever reason, the place is Packed.

A couple super-attractive college girls are wandering around looking for a place to sit, and we invite them to take the extra space at our booth 'till another table comes free.

We all chat a bit, and at the end, the two girls are smiling at me, leaning forward, flirting, and one pushes a slip of paper across to me, with a huge smile, and says 'We'd love it if you'd call us sometime! SOOON, OK?'

My buddies are shocked, wondering what magic I have worked to get these girls so worked up and ready to rock?

I'm all humble, and point out that while I'd never cheat on my wife, it's good to know that beautiful women still want me, and I'm not sure which one of them I'd pick anyhow, but perhaps in a pinch I'd look at dating them both (were I single) etc.

I then look at the slip of paper, and it says 'Ashley & Stephanie - great babysitters! We'd love to watch your kids!' and their phone number.

I'd successfully picked up a babysitter for my pre-school children.


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