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Originally Posted by Diesel McBadass View Post
the debate avalible online? Want to watch it.

and anyone know much of the rest of the moderators? any good at keeping things neutral?
Go to Yahoo, you can watch it there I believe. I watched it live online through ABC/Yahoo. YouTube also had that same feed running in it's political section. I was pretty surprised last night, TBH, how balanced ABC/Yahoo's reporting and coverage seemed to be. They tried to ask a few tough questions of Jen Psaki (which she dodged, of course), and called her out for it afterwards. They had a good mix of Dems and Repubs on post-debate. Their fact checker guy mostly said Obama was a liar. The college student in charge of the Dem 'Google Hangout' said that they were disappointed in Jim Lehrer, saying he was the reason Romney appeared to do well. He also said they were happy with Obama's effort!
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