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Originally Posted by Drain You View Post
I saw a tech report on Fox today that said the company that makes iPads for apple is bringing in a crapload of 7.5 inch screens.

May wait now, dang it.
The problem with wating is, there will always be something better around the corner. There will always be the "next big thing", the next "ipod/ipad killer".

If you have the money, go Apple since they currently have the better App Store. And for tablets its all about the Apps. If you want more versatility, an open OS, generally a cheaper device which may have more features/options, and not be walled in with iTunes, then go with an Android tablet.

Every one's holding their breath waiting to see what Apple will deliver with the Mini. Once the Mini hits there is liable to be a fire sale on other tablets while the Apple Fanboys and media are busy fawning and hyping the capabilities of the Mini.
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