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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
Well, I am in the broadcast TV industry, so there is no chance I wouldn't be curious about it.

On a particular camera, it's very possible. But in general, there is nothing that would make 720p look inherently better.

There would be some logic to that, but 1080 video is only 2 megapixels (1920x1080~2M). Surely all modern camera sensors have that many.
I agree that 720p per se is not better that 1080p, generally speaking I'd argue the reverse. Glancing over my handbook it appears 720p video may be taken at up to 60fps and 1080p at 24 or 30. That is likely much of the issue at hand. I'd bet this peculiarity also has to do with image processing in the camera and onto the card not so much sensor density per se.

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