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Originally Posted by jtmac View Post

If you want a 10" size tablet, the iPad 3. It's the best tablet, period (and I love my Android tablet).
Which Android tablet do you have? Lately, I've found myself grabbing my Excite 10 and leaving my IPad in my locker most mornings.

Bigger screen, but weighs less. I drag and drop all formats of movies, music, books, comic books, pictures, and documents onto it without having to convert anything. Quad core processor instead of dual. Stereo speakers instead of mono. FLASHPLAYER. Built-in GPS. And its storage is expandable!! Got a 128gb sd card last week. I haven't filled it yet, much less touched my internal storage space. (Can't even imagine how much a 144gb IPad would cost if they made them) All that and I don't need proprietary cables to connect to my tv, projector, or laptop. I don't know.

I'm not anti-Apple. I still have an IPod, ITouch, and an IPhone next to my IPad in the same locker, but aside from a hi resolution screen I don't see what's so great about the IPad. I'm trying to come up with alternative uses for mine now.

I don't know which Android tablet you have, but maybe it's time for an upgrade. They've got some good models out there.

**Edited to add: oh yeah, and I have a usb slot. You would not believe how handy that can be.

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