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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
No, voting and choice of vote are paramount to the freedoms in this country. One could argue the bankers of old created the two party political system, this is a matter of debated opinion, but most assuredly it is a hands down fact that wall street and bankers take huge advantage of the two party system.

Simply put, if sheeple didn't allow there only being two, "mainstream" political parties in this country, and did so with their votes, we might have had a chance to fix what ails this country.
Yeah, because having a 28 party system like in Italy is SOOOO much better. Wow. That would be great. EVERY election, you wouldn't know who won because then the parties have to get together to hash all that out. It'd be 2000 over and over and over again.

The 2-party system isn't perfect, but look around the world. It's actually the best one so far - hence the reason we use it.

Originally Posted by Slug71 View Post
YOUR logic sir, is absurd. I'm voting for RP. Therefore my vote goes to RP and NO ONE else. Its fact.
Anderson - Reagan

Perot - Clinton

Nader - Bush II

Yeah, those 3rd party candidates get valid votes. Depending on your state (my vote is a throw-away here), your vote is either irrelevant or a vote for Obama. Nothing ever more.

I understand your stance. But it just doesn't work. But I commend you for trying and will not take your right to vote for whom you want away from you.
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