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I had never owned a 1911 until a few years back, and I followed someone's advice to start with a very basic, economical pistol. I bought a Rock Island Armory (RIA) to learn how 1911s shoot and to get my arms around the mechanics of this great platform.

Compared to Glocks, 1911s are more complicated mechanically. New users learn that immediately, and preventing the 'idiot scratch' during reassembly is one of the introductory lessons. I didn't worry too much about tearing into my RIA because my investment was less than $500. And, there is a good secondary market for these basic pistols. I decided to keep my RIA even though I've also bought a Sig, a Colt and a Les Baer.

I predict you'll really like the way 1911s shoot, and the rich history made me want to own at least one, forever. The advice offered in prior posts about which one to start with will lead you to a good choice. Just understand that a starter 1911 can be bought for well under $1,000.

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