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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
If Ron Paul can (and does) get more votes simply running as a Republican, what does that tell you?

Most voters are idiots and vote Republican or Democrat.
So in your opinion and according to your candidate performance (0.5% of the vote) this country has a population of 99.5% idiots and 0.5% geniuses like you.
Please tell me: how does it feel to be so smart?
Don't you feel lonely knowing that you cannot be understood by the idiots that surround you?
How about your family?
Statistically speaking if your all your family has twenty members, you are the only one who is not an idiot. Your mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandpa and grandma, even your uncles aunts and cousins are all idiots.
This must be very taxing on you. The solitude of a great thinker born one thousand years too early.
Well, at least you have the message boards to let us know how how privileged we are to have a virtual audience with you
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