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Originally Posted by dusty_dragon View Post
how do you determine the exact position the trigger safety lever in the middle of the trigger has to have before starting to sand / cut it down?

how do you pin it in this defined position and then work on the safety lever in the middle of the trigger?
I eye ball it,where the flat of the safety does not match the curve of the trigger. Sometimes it's not so much the shape of the safety as the parting line caused the mould that the safety came out of.
I have seen some that were barely noticeable to the eye to some that in my mind should have never been installed in the first place.
Some I have recently done and haven't stripped the lower.I have used a flat tooth pick behind the trigger safety while it is in place in the lower.
The one that was so poorly moulded I used a Exacto #. 11 blade to carve off the parting line before I shaped it with the sandpaper,it's not that difficult once you have done the first one,good luck. SJ 40
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