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Mounting an RDS on a Pistol

I want to get an RDS for my Glock 19. I've already decided on a Trijicon RMR, but am finding the mounting aspect to be an issue.

Basically, I have four options.

1. Buy a dovetail adapter and sacrifice my rear sight semi-permanently. I like this option but does it put the sight too high?

2. Have my Glock's slide milled. This will have an unknown effect on reliability due to weight change and possible drop in structural strength. Moreover, I have no idea how much this would cost and don't know any places in Idaho that do this.

3. Buy a gun with a pre-milled slide. This doubles or triples the price of the project and the only gun I can find that has a pre-milled slide is the FNP-45 Tactical, which is a $1000 dollar gun (out of my price range).

4. Buy a pre-milled Glock slide from Brownell's. $270 and an unknown effect on reliability and accuracy.

Any ideas on how to approach this?
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