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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
wow, romney said where you put your money is where your heart is.

Obama needs to say "so, your heart is in the Cayman Islands?" it would be a slam dunk

What exactly is wrong holding money in the Caymans?

Romney and many others are simply abiding by the rules that are predominantly democratically written (remember Rangel headed that committee for many years).

So tell me, if you were buying a car and OH had a much lower sales tax than KY and you stand to save over a thousand dollars, you wouldn't purchase your car in OH? All other things equal.

I find it humorous a guy who owns 11 foreign built guns to one US manufacturer chastising someone for banking offshore.

This off-shore banking is just a smoke screen and a"dog whistle" (yes, i worked that metaphor in) for those who are too financially uninformed and envious of those who are more fortunate.
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