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I was afraid you would ask that.
Well, I am in the broadcast TV industry, so there is no chance I wouldn't be curious about it.

A an old friend of mine, and a two time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, told me that during a seminar for pro photographers Canon technical types told the pros to always use 720P and why. But he does not remember why.

I have a 7D and there is zero question that 720P video "looks" better than 1080P.
On a particular camera, it's very possible. But in general, there is nothing that would make 720p look inherently better.

My 7d is advertised as having an 18 megapixel sensor. That's a lie, the sensor is maybe 9 megapixels upsampled to 18.

I think this is why stills/video taken at closer to the sensor's native resolution look as good as or better than pushing the sensor and brain to the max.
There would be some logic to that, but 1080 video is only 2 megapixels (1920x1080~2M). Surely all modern camera sensors have that many.
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