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most any good camera today has settings to take quick pics like in sports mode. or running

you are gonna get 1,000 different opinions , and if you got to sites online a 1,000 more

best thing >>>>>>>>>>. go to a camera store , right down what you are looking for in a camera

ease of use
name brand

you really cant go wrong with , nikon, sony ,panasonic lumix ,canon , fuji

i will post a picture of all our cameras lol . we got over 10 lol , be back with pics

ok here is 8 of ours ranging from 10 to 16 megs , used a canon to take pic so we have 9 and daughters got 2 others of ours

got 2 sonys ,samsung, nikon , panasonic, canons

the big nikon is bulky but its the cats meow .

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