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Thanks all, I appreciate it.

In looking at data for starting to load .40, I notice a few loads that have the same narrow load range. But Longshot spans 1.5 grains! Of the 145 powders rated, most mentioned regularly here and elsewhere for 9mm and 40 are in the top third to half in burn rate. Smoking lead? Hmmm... used something else for all those SWC in .38... Will def. consider that even though most of my shooting is outdoors.

I have been reloading shotshell, rifle, and revolver for... a long time. Picked up loading pistol in the past few years. Have used a couple powders and want to streamline, buy fewer and larger size containers.

I find TG clean actually, and accurate. Must be burning it all up at 4.1 grains in 9mm and .38. Maybe I am just doing it wrong.

Looking to start on 165 or 180 grain .40 and - I don't get married to this stuff but am a believer in "if it aint broke..." That said, open to options for "better" and "why" if you don't mind. What else would work for .38, 9mm, and .40?

Thanks again!
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