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Originally Posted by larry_minn View Post
Went to Dr. with torn tendon. Ask him what I can do to prevent this from happeneing again. "act your age, don't lift heavy stuff as often. Just because are strong enough is not enough. Your mucles are strong then tendons...."
I'm 50 and working on lifestyle changes and getting in shape. I'm taking it real easy.

I had my left shoulder MRI'd for moderately annoying chronic symptoms with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and some tearing with nothing really to be done to repair. This sucks. I want repair, not pain meds that will let me injure it more. I had some hyaluronic acid injected, but it doesn't seem to have helped much. My new ortho doctor isn't keen on platelet rich plasma therapy. He seems like a good doctor and we will be working on options.

I have a great family doctor now. Did all kinds of blood tests. My testosterone was low. I'm one month now on Androjel and it has done wonders for my mood and energy. My old doctor knew my T was low and did nothing. Don't settle on mediocre, do nothing doctors.
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