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Originally Posted by DWavs View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the catalyst for the strike was the new evaluation teachers will be under that is dependent on student performance.
Legally, the teachers are not allowed to strike unless they are striking over pay and benefits. So if they went on strike over the evaluation system, they were breaking the law.

And if it was about the new evaluation system, why did they demand a 17% raise?

The evaluation system is a federal mandate, by the way, it's not something that Illinois just decided to do out of the blue.

Interesting...let's see if we can apply that to other professions:
Lots of other professions are paid on results.
Mechanic...paid if the car never broke down again
Mechanics don't get paid if the cars they fix keep breaking down.

Lawyer...paid if they won every case
Lots of lawyers out there only get paid if they win a case. And fundamentally, law firms that don't win cases go out of business.

Salesman...paid if 100% of his/her items were sold that day
Almost all salesmen ONLY get sold when they sell stuff. That's how selling works.
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