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Under $1,000 the best out of the box 1911 I've ever owned is my SIG 1911 Nitron. Most accurate, Perfectly reliable, great trigger and features from the factory including night sights. Not much I really want to do to it except switch the Novak rear for a Heinie Straight 8 Slant Pro and that's just because...nothing wrong with the Novak

Kimber's don't typically price under $1k but the one's I've owned were all pretty good. I own a SIS pro right now that's had a teeny bit of custom work and its a good shooter.
For some people Kimber has been hit or miss.

I've owned a SA gun for over 20 years that's been worked over by Ted Yost, Novak, and Marc Morganti at various times. Plus its been refinished by Walt Birdsong. Its going off to 10 Ring Precision in the next few days for a new KART barrel and bushing. Great gun--tons of rounds. But when you add up all the work that's been done over the years on the basic GI model it would probably have been cheaper to just buy a Wilson Combat. But of course I spread those gunsmithing costs over more than a decade and now that I'm replacing the barrel into the second decade.
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