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also dont overlook reusing sodal bottles to store tap water. they add up quickly and you can hide several gallons under the sofa and out of sight

also look into calcium hypochlorite powder, sold as pool shock on amazon. its powdered bleach and stores much longer than regular store bought chlorox or similar. can use this to kill the swimmers in water should you have to pull it from local creeks or similar.

get a couple free food grade buckets from your local bakery and get a $40 kit from amazon like the monolithic dome filter from just water. its better than nothing but still needs bleach or something to take care of teh really small nasties. or you can go bigger and buy the berkey filters for a similar bucket berkey or bigger would be the berkey systems and start using it daily.

i also stock the water cooler type 5 gallon jugs over the aquatainers. they are usually a bit cheaper although they dont stack nearly as well. i keep mine in a spare bedroom closet and placed a wooden shelf right on top of them and then stack go bags and such ontop of them.
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