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Originally Posted by Roger1079 View Post
What on earth was the occupant of the other car thinking by approaching the vehicle at the traffic light? Sounds like there may be more to this story than reported.
This has a 'smell test' problem.
The news arrticle notes that a women travelling with a child called in a 911 complaint about a vehicle passing them in a "No Passing" zone. OK... she's irked at something. But, a 911 call about a vehicle passing you in a No Passing zone is ridiculous on its face. Extreme reckless driveing, maybe. Passing in a No Passing Zone -- 911? Are you kidding!? What thought process goes into that 911 call?

The article later states than an 'occupant' of that vehicle (not identified as to the originally mentioned woman & child) approached the bad passing vehicle at a stop sign/light.

Did the women who called the original 911 call do the approaching.? Did the child? Or, was there a deliberate obfuscation regarding the identity/gender/make up of the unidentified "occupant" who did the approaching? Why wasn't he mentioned in the article?

What was that unidentified "occupant's" gender, size, or demeanor?

Is it possible that the occupant of the 'passing' vehicle suddenly saw a large individual exit a car behind him at a stop light and charge his vehicle? Some might interpret that as an attempted carjacking, or assault. In either case, being in your vehicle... and without a ready means to retreat... drawing a handgun might be a reasonable action.

This MSM news article requires a bit more information in order to pass the "smell test". Something is not quite right here... either with the actions of the 'passed' vehicle, or that of the unidentified occupant of that vehicle who charged the 'passing' vehicle.
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