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Originally Posted by awdxtc View Post
Yes I am trying to decide between a G29 and the new XD-S. I know the xd-s only comes in 45, but I seem to have trouble concealing my G20 with a light t-shirt and I was just wondering how much more concealable the 29 is VS the 20.
I have both, and besides the obvious difference in grip length, there is a significant difference in the weight, on your hip. An inch give or take in slide, and barrel length, along with the additional rounds, add up to noticeable difference in weight.

I have had a few firearms that I've carried concealed. As far as concealability goes, if it's worn on the hip, the 29 is as concealable as any. I often wear a loose fitting t-shirt, and it stays hidden. Cannot quite pull that off with the G20. A little long in the grip. FWIW, the G29 will be my carry firearm till the end of days.
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