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Originally Posted by John Rambo View Post
Considering it runs high 11s...a whole damn lot of things. What do you race with your scooter? The fat chicks who should be on it?
What is really funny, is that I see MANY MANY more hot chicks riding scooters than I see on Harleys (or sport bikes). It is not hard to find a very nice looking woman riding a scooter.

Most motorcycle mamas I have on the back of Harleys are old women who dress like 17 year old hookers and think that they look hot.

Most girls I see on the back of sport bikes typically are decent looking, but at least not old.
Twice a week? 14 times a month?
2x4=8, not 14.
Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.
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